Why do you feel great when you’re in Spain?

Certainly, the weather and the climate make a huge difference – life is simply a lot easier! It is thought that people who live in warmer climates are happier and tend to be more outgoing than people living in Northern parts of Europe. Well, of course they are! Most agree that a country’s climate and lifestyle have an impact on your well being and your overall health. People in warm climates tend to be more content and relaxed than those living in cold and rainy climates, such as in the UK or Scandinavia. For those who have already reached a certain age, and maybe already struggle with a few health issues, it is a great relief not to have to deal with extreme changes in temperature.

Everyone who has lived in an apartment or house with the central heating set at a comfortable indoor temperature knows what it feels like to step outside the front door in winter, bracing you for snow storms and freezing temperatures. Even doctors agree: cold weather is simply not very good for you. Waking up every morning to a blue and sunny sky, however, is a much more inviting prospect. In Spain you will find that you naturally get a lot more exercise. Why? Well, the weather allows you that luxury - long, relaxing strolls along beach promenades or the countryside and you don’t have to worry about feeling cold while doing so.

Diet is another important factor where health is concerned and yet another reason people feel so healthy when they’re in Spain. The Mediterranean diet, consisting of vegetables, fish, bread, olive oil and red wine, is generally considered to be one of the most beneficial in the world. For people suffering asthma or rheumatism, the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca is as close to heaven on earth as you are likely to get. The same goes for those often afflicted by common colds, bronchitis or pneumonia. If you are sensitive to stress, you will find that the relaxing life style, maybe also the siesta, will help you wind down. It is, of course, an established fact that relaxing in the sun is one of least stressful activities anyone can engage in.

For many others, a life without activities can be stressful in itself and not everybody is cut out for it. If you’ve spent a life time constantly working and stressing over everything, the sudden change can be difficult to handle. Most manage the change without problems, for others it may take a bit longer and some never get used to it. The Spanish lifestyle isn’t for everyone.