The Swedes are Buying More Than Ever!

18th June 2023
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The Swedish demand for housing in Spain hit a record in 2021. The pandemic stopped business for a while, but now more are being sold than ever. It became a pent-up need that exploded in 2021 when almost 3,000 homes in Spain were sold to Swedes.

10–15 years ago, it was almost only Swedes of retirement age or just under who were buyers of properties in Spain. Today we see a new group, around 50 years old, who buy for a home during certain parts of the year and during holidays. That group normally has grown children and in many cases also grandchildren, who love visiting grandma or grandpa and lying by the pool or swimming in the Mediterranean Sea. These buyers often plan to acquire a home in order to eventually, when they have reached retirement age, come down more often and in the meantime use the home for their own use and for family and friends.

Another new group of home buyers in Spain are younger households and families with children who choose to buy a home in Spain by the Mediterranean rather than a summer cottage by a lake or on the West Coast. Some in this target group move down permanently and work remotely and manage their work or business through the internet and digital solutions, as well as frequent trips between work in Sweden and home in Spain.

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