Jobber som megler på Costa del Sol

22nd January 2023
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Jobber som megler

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The Real Estate Market Right Now (June 2022)

We maintain our position as one of the largest and best brokerage firms on the Costa del Sol. And so does the Swedish magazine EN SUECO, which wants to hear, as the only Swedish broker, what our CEO Sven thinks about the current situation and the future of the real estate industry on the Costa del Sol.

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Tax Residence in Spain?

What is the Certificate of Tax Residence in Spain? The Certificate of Tax Residence in Spain is an official document issued by the Tax Agency that verifies an individual's tax residency status in Spain. It confirms that the individual is obligated to pay taxes in Spain.  The application for the Certificate of Tax Residence can be submitted through the...

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Svenskene kjøper mer enn noensinne!

Den svenske etterspørselen etter boliger i Spania slo rekord i 2021. Pandemien stoppet virksomheten en stund, men nå selges det mer enn noen gang. Det ble et oppdemmet behov som eksploderte i 2021 da nesten 3000 boliger i Spania ble solgt til svensker.For 10–15 år siden var det nesten bare svensker i pensjonsalder eller rett under so...

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From June 2, Spain no longer requires vaccination passports

Many countries within the EU and Schengen have previously removed the requirement for vaccine passports, covid certificates or other certificates. This is because the pandemic has weakened and now Spain's health care authority has also decided to follow suit.Travelers coming from other countries will still be checked upon entry and the health declaration and...

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